At Smartmile

we have a dream: To build the most impactful delivery ecosystem worldwide! We started out building a network of parcel machines and wanted to share the parcel machines among any courier in the area. By connecting all to one location, couriers could serve entire neighbourhoods in single stops and customers only had to travel to one location to pick up, send, or return their parcels from any connected courier.

But as we installed these machines, we noticed that connecting couriers was just the first step. We wondered, what if we could connect a company that could ensure customers don't have to drive by car to the machine but replace it by bike? Or what if a local fashion label would use the machine to directly hand their products to customers without any packaging, what if we could make the machine a drop-off location for reusable packaging too? And last of all, what if this software could launch on any existing network of parcel machines out there and transform them into Smartmile Hubs overnight? What the industry missed was one link to connect delivery and focus it on sustainability globally.

So, we switched focus to expanding our software capability to connect couriers, retailers, sustainable startups, and more to our parcel lockers. The result: an ecosystem of connected partners that can re-design the last mile and eliminate its footprint. To connect all partners to our parcel lockers, we made a flexible software platform able to talk to any type of system regardless of (coding) language, age, or build-up.

With a Smartmile-empowered ecosystem, you can pick up, return or send parcels with any couriers at one parcel locker. Even realise home delivery and parcel return through connected bike couriers. Retailers can run their product exchange or automated click-and-collect — Al at one parcel machine. Our solution pushes the industry to re-design future-proof delivery with minimal trips and no more failed deliveries.

Flash forward five years, with Smartmile at the core, we can build one limitless CO2-negative delivery ecosystem worldwide.

Our team members are entrepreneurs, engineers, creative minds, and startup enthusiasts, ready to revolutionize delivery globally and make it truly sustainable. Are you ready to join our herd of unicorns? Check out our openings and let’s find a fit.

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  • Be part of a passionate and supportive international team

  • Enjoy the flexible working hours and remote work possibilities

  • Join the annual Smartmile Campus in various locations around the globe

  • Bring your dog or hamster to the office and enjoy our office furballs

  • Take ownership of your work, develop your skills and take your career to the next level

  • Laila

    Project Support Manager

    “ Working at Smartmile, I have found out the true meaning of the word 'team'. The sky really is the limit for us, and I feel proud that I get to be a part of that and come to work everyday to this company. ”

  • Anas

    Head of Projects

    “ Joining Smartmile was and remains a breath of fresh air. From my 1. day I was treated as if I'd been there from day 1. There is limitless room to grow personally and professionally, where every individual is supportive both as one, and as a team. ”

  • Fabian

    Head of Research & Development

    “ I've worked for Smartmile for four years now and I really love it. Been to many exciting places and enjoy the trust, responsibilities and freedom I have here. ”

Our herd

Meet our team at our locations in Germany, Finland, Kenya, and the Netherlands

  • Aku Happo (FI)

    Co-Founder / CEO

  • Steffen Luippold (DE)

    Co-Founder / CTO

  • Fabian (DE)

    Team Leader Software Development

  • Laila (FI)

    Customer Service and Project Support Manager

  • Rik (NL)

    Country Project Manager the Netherlands

  • Amy (NL)

    Customer Service and Operations Manager the Netherlands

  • Gela (DE)

    Business Developer

  • Michelle (NL)

    Head of Marketing and Brand

  • Mark (KEN)

    Software Developer

  • Vincent (KEN)

    Software Engineer

  • Stephanie (DE)

    Project Support Manager

  • Rhoda (KEN)

    Software Developer

  • Morris (KEN)

    Software Developer / Cybersecurity Expert

  • Anas (FI)

    Head of Projects

  • Aate (FI)

    Head of Network Operations

  • Enis (DE)

    Apprentice Software Developer

  • Greice (DE)

    Apprentice Software Developer

  • Anna (FI)

    Operations Support and Customer Service Specialist

  • Maarten (NL)

    NL Operations Manager

  • Martha (KEN)

    System Administrator

  • Arnold (KEN)

    Jr. System Administrator

  • Joseph (KEN)

    Frontend Engineer

  • Payman (DE)

    Head of Finance

  • Lydia (NL)

    International Content Creator